Fragment Sentences

Definition: A sentence fragment is a piece of a sentence; it is a group of words that is broken off from a complete sentence. A sentence fragment cannot do the work of a complete sentence because the fragment lacks an independent subject + verb combination.

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  • In Japan, during the last war and just before the armistice.
  • Working far into the night in an effort to salvage her little boat.
  • Some of the students working in Professor Espinoza's laboratory last semester.
  • Even though he had the better arguments and was by far the more powerful speaker.

How to Fix Fragment Sentences

1.  Combine: Attach the sentence fragment to the sentence that comes before or after the fragment. Often, all that is needed to fix a fragment is to completely remove the punctuation from the sentence and rewrite the sentence into an existing one.

2.  Add a verb: If you have determined that the sentence is a fragment because it is missing a verb, simply add one to make a complete sentence.

3.  Add a subject: If you have determined that the sentence is a fragment because it is missing a subject, simply add one of those to make a complete sentence.

4.  Fix the punctuation: Many times, a sentence is a fragment because the punctuation is in the wrong place or the wrong punctuation has been used. Grab your grammar book and check your use of commas, semi-colons and periods. Then rewrite the sentence as needed.

5.  Proofread: Don’t trust your word processor to pick up every sentence fragment. They typically only pick up about half of them.


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