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Cache and cookies: How do I enable/delete cookies and clear my cache to help my computer run better?

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Charts: How do I add and format a chart to a forum or assignment?

Quick Answer: When looking at any kind of Moodle submission box, whether for a forum post or a submission assignment, you will have a collection of white buttons at the top of the box to use to format your work.  You can use these buttons to add images, videos, and tables to take your responses to the next level.

To add a table, first you will need to make sure all three rows of buttons are available.  If you only see one row of buttons you can toggle the other two on by clicking the first button in the top row.  You can then find the Insert Table button by looking at the 8th button on the bottom row.  A window will pop-up and allow you to choose the number of columns and rows you want in your table.  Once you click insert your table will appear, though it might look very small.  You can click on each of the cells and type in the information you want.  As you do that the cells will grow to fit the words you add.  

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Basic Directions:

How to get mind map into Moodle: allows you to make mind maps and flow charts.