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Password: How do I change my password?

Quick Answer: It is highly recommended that you do change your password to something unique that only you know (but can easily remember!). To change your password you can follow these directions:

From the Home screen in the top left hand side navigation click Passwords.  This will open the Password Portal where Joyce can help you change your password. Click Change Password and enter your information. When you have all your information typed in click the Change Password button.

If you have forgotten your password and you need it reset call 608-890-3260 or email and we will reset your password for you.

Click on this help video link for a more in-depth answer:

Picasa: How do I use Picasa for my project?

Private Messages: Where do I find and how do I send private messages?

Quick Answer: Messages can be found in a couple ways.  The first way is to check the right hand side of the page for a Message Block and simply clicking Messages.  If there isn’t a Message Block you can still get to your messages.  Look for the Navigation Block and click My Profile.  Options will appear and you can click Messages.

Click on this help video link for a more in-depth answer: