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The DOoR: A Gallery of Historical Thinking

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A Betrayed Soul-World War II Final Project

Final Project by Sarah Hagenow

In England during 1940, Florence is dealing with school gossip, Nazi bombings, and the constant fear of being raided. However, the real threat comes from something that she would have never guessed.



A History Misconception - Reagan

Have you ever wanted something in history to be true, even if there wasn't evidence to prove it?  Click here for new proof that Betsy Ross did make the very first American flag.  She can remain a good female role model from the American Revolution.

Breaking News Headline - New proof that Betsy Ross did make the first American flag!


A Letter from Betsy to her pen pal found in an old trunk in Eloise's family home.

Betsy's Letter to her french friend Eloise

The start of Eloise's return letter to Betsy.  Looks like she had to start the letter over due to an ink stain.

Letter from Eloise to Betsy


Also found was a poem that Betsy wrote that she eventually embroidered.  This was found behind a Griscom family painting.  Griscom is the last name of Betsy's last husband.

Betsy Ross poem

This evidence was gathered along with the evidence from her grandson William Canby that he presented at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (March 1870).  With all of this, it was finally proven that our American Revolution hero, Betsy Ross, did take part in making the first American flag.

Word document SpectrumofStupidityPart1.docx
Image (JPEG) Rough SOS.jpg
Image (JPEG) Rough SOS 2.jpg

A Small Spectrum of Stupidity

Ever thought about what stupidity really is? How stupid the decisions made in history really are? This spectrum takes the main components of stupidity and shows you how stupid historical decision are - and why.

Abraham Lincoln's death

Created by: Maegan Wozniak

Do you know the story of Abraham Lincoln's death? I don't think so! It has so many twists and turns it'll make your head spin. With it's who done it questions this is definitely a topic to double check.

Amazing Race Adventure: Buenos Aires to New Delhi!

Final Project by Isabella DeVine, Matthew Nelson and Celia Goldberg.

Welcome, travelers, this is the Amazing Race! Join Matthew, Isabella and Cece as we race to five different locations, each with a special activity for you to enjoy!

Click on the link to begin your adventure:

Amazing Race Adventure ScreenShot

Image (PNG) Amazing Race Map

Amazing Race Adventure: São Paulo, Brazil to Moscow, Russia

Final product by: Sydney Peirce,  Tomy Szmanski and Wesley Barnhat

In our final product you will get to go see architecture and eat good local foods and you will get to do some art. Those places are in São Paulo, Brazil,      Rhodes, Greece,  Kochi Prefecture, Japan and  Moscow, Russia.  You better be ready for weather because you will be outside a lot. 

Here is the link to our final product.

.São Paulo, Brazil

Picture of São Paulo, Brazil.

Amazing Race: Ottawa to Capetown- Max Mandella, Jackson Brunner, and Henry Irwin

     It’s time to start your exciting 20,000 mile race across five different continents!  Join Max, Jackson, and Henry as we race from the capital of Canada all the way to South Africa!


     Here’s the link to our team’s Amazing Race Map:


Amazing Race Logo

Amelia's Final Project

                                                                                           Ethical decision Making

                                                                                            By: Amelia Chrudimsky

                       What is an ethical decision, and what are some ways we can evaluate past ethical decisions? What are some examples of ethical decisions that we can evaluate?


Apollo 11 Moon Landing


Ever wondered about the origan of the apollo 11 crew?

Well everything you knew will now be changed after you read this top secret government letter.


Attacks on 9/11

                                                                                   Attacks on 9/11

                                                                                 By: Gabriella Bonilla

Do you know what happened on September 11, 2001 in New York City? Well, something horrible did happen, it was that both the north and south tower of the World Trade Center. 





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