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Brain Exercise

Brain Exercise


Have you ever wondered if there is a way to get smarter quickly? Getting smart quickly can be an advantage throughout school and adulthood. People believe that you are born with intelligence but there are ways to boost your brain capability. Two important ways to get smarter are exercising the brain and actual physical activity.

First, exercising the brain has been proven to make you learn and increase brain power more efficiently. It is important to think of your brain as a muscle.  The brain can be trained just like any other muscle in the body. You either use it or lose it. Some ways to keep your brain function keen are to test your recall, learn an instrument, do math in your head, and challenge your taste buds. These things help you create new neural path ways. Exercising your brain is a way to keep your brain healthy.

In addition to exercising the brain, another way to get smart quickly is physical activity. It is hard to believe that physical exercise would increase brain neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity basically means the brain's ability to change. Physical activity affects the brain in many essential ways. Research has shown that physical activity increases heart rate which pumps more oxygen to the brain. More oxygen increases the amount of brain cells. Physical exercise can also reduce stress hormones which, in turn, also increases brain cells. Clearly, physical activity has positive effects on brain function.

As you can see there are ways to improve your brain capacity and learn more information faster. It has been proven that brain games and brain exercise help you get smart quicker. Likewise, physical activity increases brain cells and creates more neural pathways which improves intelligence. If you want to keep your brain in tip top shape then be sure to exercise in every way.


Can you improve learning styles?

Final Project by Claudia Loppnow

Each of us have a different learning style, out of the seven, we each have one dominant style. But when you are struggling in a class, can you improve to fit the style that they are teaching at? Or are you just going to fail the class? Find out how!

China Global Warming Speech

Citizens of China , we face a big problem , common in the 21st century , global warming .This problem will have many affects on China because of our growimg economy and population which means more cars and car smoke . This problem is very preventable and if we unite to stop global warming , it will not get any worse .

Greenhouse Gases are a big cause of global warming and an effect of using nonrenewable resources as energy and deforestation . Coal , a nonrenewable resource , is Chinas number one source of enrgy which makes China more troubled in global warming . Gasoline usage , coal power plants , and deforestaion cause greenhouse gases to be released ( the carbon build up in trees is released as a greenhouse gas when cut down ) . We can stop this by boycotting factories that have big smokestacks , changing your electricity provider to a more envoirmently friendly one , or just simply carpooling walking or biking . If we do a few things to prevent global warming , China will become a productive , populated , and now, and envoirmently friendly country in Eastern Asia . If we don't unite to stop this problem , Malaria will spread 50% quicker . That is not the only problem .Plants and crops will have trouble growing and other drought-related problems will occur over time if global warming raises the tempature . I strongly encourage you to help stop global warming. Go out there and save Chinas reputation and future .

I couldnt get my avatar to load . His name is Victor Anderson . He started working in China in 2003 . He went to Harvard for a law degree . In his free time , he enjoys playing hockey and skating . Victor believes every case or arguement could turn out either way .

Controlling immediate reactions




Does Gum Help you When Studying for a Test?

Final Project by Evan Halverson

This experiment was aimed to see if gum truly helps you when studying for a test or if a short burst of exercise is better. It provides an educational experience such as the television show, Mythbusters.

Does Lumosity Work

Haven't you always wanted to know if Lumosity works.  If so you came to the right place.  For my Final project I tested if Lumosity works.  here's my Google presentation link:

Does stretching your arm and leg muscles increase your energy level.

How stretching can affect your energy level

Most of the evidence based research shows that stretching your leg, arm, and back muscles has an over all good effect on the human body. It increases the range of motion of joints which also results in more muscular strength. However, more recent research on athletes who stretch just prior to an athletic event such as running have no immediate benefit. Some runners actually had slower than normal speeds.

I was sick for a few days so I didn't stretch or do anything active and I felt weak. But The next few days I stretched and I felt more active.


Does Sugar Consumption Affect Concentration?

Final Project by Anna Carroll

Sugar is in almost every processed or packaged food we eat, and the average American yearly consumes about 39 pounds of added sugar from drinks alone. My experiment tested how different amounts of sugar affected our concentration throughout the day, especially during school.

Here is the link to my final project:


Effects of Sleep

Final project by Capri Strom

Have you ever wondered what goes on when you don't get enough sleep? Observe my research to get a better understanding.

For the past four weeks I've been researching the benefits of getting a good nights sleep and the consequences if you don't. The major benefits of getting enough sleep are improves memory, increases level of focus, and an increase in activity in the frontal lobe which controls decision making.

Studies show that driving tired is just as dangerous as driving drunk and you could get into accidents. Being tired can cause you to make risky decisions and not have a very sharp memory. That being said, tiredness doesn't only affect you, it affects others too.

For my project I got five hours of sleep one night and ten hours of sleep the next. When I got five hours asleep I could tell that I was really drowsy the whole day and had a hard time getting out of bed. I was also pretty cranky throughout the day. The next day after getting ten hours of sleep, I felt more alert and was in a better mood. I was more focused on my work and could think quicker.

Most of the sites that I used for my research all said very similar things. They said that tiredness affects your focus, decision making, memory, and mood. When those websites explained all of the consequences of tiredness they made it sound kind of scary. They made it sound like the changes in your alertness or behavior would be really drastic if you didn't get much sleep the night before, but when I did this I don't think the change was very significant. I think my project would have worked better if I didn't get enough sleep for a few days or didn't get any sleep at all, because even though I saw a change in my alertness and behavior, I think those changes would have been a lot clearer.

In conclusion, sleep is a very important factor in brain development and you should make sure you're getting enough shut-eye each night. Depending on how deprived of sleep you are, there could be big consequences if you're not getting enough sleep.

End global warming in Germany!

Final project Carson Anderson

This speech is about three things that the United Nations could do to end global warming. The three things are the best things that I could think of that are realistic. 

Albert F. Baumann is a German economist. He was born in Germany, and currently lives in Munich. When Albert was little, he loved to play soccer. Albert has one brother and one sister. He graduated at Heildelberg University. Albert is currently helping survivors from hurricane Max.

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