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The DOoR: A Gallery Highlighting Research and Critical Thought

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A way to control cancer

Final Project by Cooper Meitner

The following project is a policy brief written for to express ways that I believe the human race may be able to solve the puzzle that is cancer. It includes information about cancer, and about Clostridium Novyi, a microbe that may be able to help us get rid of cancer cells in the body.  Final Project










Al J. Dreams Final Project

This is my final project that was reviewed by surveys about good dreams and nightmares.  The results were surprising...

This is my link:

Al J.


RTF document Copy of Copy for Madison Policy Brief.rtf

Bacteria Kills Cancer

The use of microbes to treat and cure cancer needs to be talked about more, explored and supported in the U.S. The genetics of bacteria make it excellent at killing cancer tumors.



Bacteria to kill cancer?

To: doctors, surgeons

From: Kevin Smith

Date: 3/18/17

Re: cancer treatment procedure

The issue that is being discussed is how the world treats cancer. Currently, the basic treatment is radiation or chemotherapy. However, neither one of these treatments deal with hypoxic and necrotic areas well.  Research is being done into using certain Clostridium bacteria that only live in anaerobic areas. I believe that this issue is important now that we have cured many other diseases.

Some important things to know before getting into the meat of the issue go as follows:

  • Specific Clostridiums are being researched because they make spores that would kill tumors.

  • The bacteria Clostridium Novyi-NT is a bacteria that has the necessary properties and was genetically modified to be minimally toxic.

  • Clinical studies were performed on dogs and found that in 30% of cases that the tumor decreased dramatically.

  • Studies are now being performed on humans to see if the bacteria will work as well as it did in the trials on dogs.

  • As well as destroying the necrotic and hypoxic areas, Clostridium Novyi-NT activates the immune system which then helps fight the tumor.

My recommendation for this brief would be to perform more trials on the bacteria to see if it has the desired effect. Then, I would recommend adding bacteria therapy to the current regimen so as to destroy the entire tumor successfully. I have already shown that Clostridium Novyi-NT has worked quite well in clinical studies, and it would help get the immune system to help in the fight.  Please consider the information I have given and make a smart decision. The world needs to stand together and fight cancer.

BioMed Valley Discoveries. C. Novyi-NT. BioMed Valley Discoveries,

Verena Staedtke. Clostridium novyi-NT in cancer therapy. Elsevier B.V. ,

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Batman Podcast

Final Project

By: Hamid Mian

This is my Podcast. I worked hard on it so I hope you like it. 

Batman Slides

       Picture of Alzario Aranda                                                                   Final Project                        Alezario Aranda                             

I did Batman for my slides. I have backgrounds for each one, too!



Due to the fertile conditions of Brazil, it has always been the home of an array of animal and plant species. However, due to hunting, the destruction of habitat and the introduction of foreign, competitive species, Brazil’s natural fauna has experienced a huge decline in numbers. At the moment, there are hundreds of species under threat of extinction. Some of them include the jaguar, sea turtle, spiny rice rat, bushy-tailed opossum, black-faced lion tamarin, Brazilian arboreal mouse, ring-tail monkey, Coimbra’s titi monkey, golden-rumped lion tamarin, Northern Bahian blond titi monkey and northern muriqui.


Image (PNG) Screenshot 2015-10-28 at 12.34.22 PM.png

Can Activities During the day effect the Remembrance of Your Dreams?

Final Project by Ava Carfagna.

Do you want to learn if activities during the day affect how you remember your dreams?  This presentation will talk about that.

This is the link to my presentation: 

Can We Replicate Dreams?

Final Project by Anna Carroll

For the Dreaming course, I took the role of an Oneirologist. My hypothesis question was, "If we think about a certain dream enough, can that dream be replicated?"

Here is the link: 

PDF document Super Hero Presentation (4).pdf

Captain America

Captain America

By Lauren Conway

My final project will be all about Captain America and how his powers work. I will also sum up if superheroes are or can be real.

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