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The DOoR: A Gallery of Engineering Genius

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A Basketball Adventure

Final Project - By Anna Lutz 

In this adventure, you have to help the coach of the basketball team solve problems to make his team the best that it can be! He needs help with things like having the fastest players in the game to how many basketballs he should buy and help running drills in practice.

Link to Final Project

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A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Final Project by Thea Ranis

"On the Edge ... Of Survival"

You are taking a quick plane trip to make it back in time for finials when the plane crashes!  It's up to you to save the other passages with each and every move you make deciding both your fate and the fate of others!

Here is my link ....


(All credit of pictures go to the actual people who took them. These pictures are purely to help with the flow of the story.)

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Story

A Story that will have?

By Will Ranis

A story without a real title, that includes, many different endings, life threatening situations, and much more.

PDF document Apollo 13 Disaster Fix.pdf

A Disaster in Space

Final Project by Sawyer Gerber

I made a PowerPoint on Apollo 13 and how that type and some more accidents like that will never happen again.  I believe my idea will work for most, if not all, accidents here on Earth and in space.

A Highway Demolished: I-35 Bridge Collapse

Final Project by: Jahnavi Hansaria

In the view of a resident, I state why the I-35 Bridge collapsed, and add visual aid. I also present a possible plan to prevent this from happening in the future, complete with counterclaims, and defensive arguments.

Image result for I-35 bridge collapse images

A Puzzling Amount of Numbers

Final Project by: Ishan Raikar

Loads of fun with numbers that are exciting to solve. These puzzles with have you puzzled!

A Ship, a Maze, and a Treasure - A Choose Your Own Adventure Story by Cole Greco

This is my final project for Survival Math: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story called A Ship, a Maze, and a Treasure. I spent about three weeks on this, on and off, in an amazing program called inklewriter.

Here is the link: A Ship, a Maze, and a Treasure


By Cole Greco

A Trip To Edinburgh Castle- Survival Math CYOA

In this story you will be taken on a crazy adventure through the ruins of a old castle.  Watch out for deep pits, rapid rivers, and lots of wolfs.  Do you think you can survive?

By: Dean Kuhn


Aditya's Adventure Story

Final Project

By Aditya Kurre

An ancient adventure through the Sahara Desert as a trader in search of the kingdom Mali. Lead your group of nomadic people through the treacherous heat of the Sahara, and make the choices that decide life or death.

Journey to Timbuktu
Desert Caravan to Timbuktu

Alaskan Hiking Adventure

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