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A Brilliant Doctor Who Script "Remembrance of the Doctor" by Sammy Geraci.

Remembrance of the Doctor

By Sammy Geraci


My doctor who script is a full, 40+ minute, season 7b movie of the week style episode. Its an "Time of the Doctor" sequel featuring the twelfth doctor and Clara. It pushes the Doctor and Clara to the limit and answers many questions about thing in the show's past and even talks about when the doctor gave River her sonic from "Forest of the Dead".


Here is a link to my story:


Allison Quandt's Doctor Who Fan Fiction

Problems in the Parthenon

by Allison Quandt

The Doctor and Clara visit the Parthenon in Greece and discover that people are disappearing.  They try to solve the mystery and save civilization as we know it.

Angels in the Shadows

 Read my whole Dr. Who fan fiction at the link below:



Clara Knitter's Doctor Who Fanfiction

The Mysterious Planet

By: Clara Knitter

In this story, the eleventh Doctor and Clara visit a mysterious planet. Read to find out what exactly is going on with the planet...

Click this link to read:

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Comic Book by Leah

Graphic Novel by Leah Tritabaugh

"There has been a prison break... Get out of the forest!"

"Stand still, kid, and I'll make this easy for ya."

My graphic novel has lots of action and some suspense. It's aboit a scrawny middle schooler named Luke Jacobs. He's bullied at school a lot. One day, there is a terrible accident, and his life is changed forever. 


Image (PNG) Amazing grace.png

Dahboera's world beat sentences.

Stringed world

By: Dahboera

Two attention-grabbing sentences.


Doctor Who

This is a fanfiction on Doctor Who. It takes place in Egypt.

Doctor Who fan fiction

Trouble in Ancient Egypt

A fan fiction by:

Jake Vanlanen


One day, in the 3rd century AD in Egypt, the Doctor and Martha Jones stepped out of the TARDIS or time and relative dimensions in space. At the time it was just a small visit but as they would soon find out, it was much more. Martha decided that she wanted to see the Pyramid of Giza. The Pyramids were large and gloomy.

The Doctor said some things like “Funny, how the Egyptians made the Pyramids like mazes or labyrinths.” After they finished with the tour, they went to the TARDIS to find some lunch. When they stepped out they heard screams from the pyramid they had been in hours earlier. People streamed out of the pyramids to get to the safety of the high ground. As people ran towards them the Doctor said “Let’s go see what all this ruckus is.” As Martha and the Doctor approached they heard loud grunts coming from the pyramid.

As the Doctor and Martha entered the pyramid, a mummy jumped at Martha and grasped her at the wrists and tried to yank her into the shadows but the Doctor pulled her out of the mummies cold clammy grasp. After that Martha and the Doctor sped up to avoid any other mummies that might try to attack them. As they approached the tomb of pharaoh Khufu they saw more and more mummies. The Doctor said “The pharaoh must be controlling all of the mummies!”

As usual the Doctor was right. They saw a large golden tomb with an open lid and a mummy sitting up. There was a strange red aura surrounding the mummy. They heard a strange chant it sounded like “olkala sratra esca osca pasra resca!!” Once this chant was complete there was a blinding light and 7 mummies appeared.  The Doctor ran at the pharaoh and tried to stop him from creating more mummies but the newly created mummies grabbed the Doctor and pulled him into a small hole in the wall.

After that Martha lost sight of him. She shouted “Doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you hear me?!!!!?” The Doctor yelled back “I’m here but I don’t know for how long!!!!!!” As he said that there was a loud groan and a loud thud as a mummy hit the ground. As she turned back the light returned and blinded Martha temporarily. Once the blindness faded Martha ran away from the pyramid. As she ran the mummies poured out of the pyramid like a storm of cloth and bones. Martha entered the TARDIS and took a seat on a small bench that was tucked in the corner.

Meanwhile, the Doctor was trapped in the pyramids inner maze. The Doctor knew that there were many different traps within. He ran from a small cell with iron bars that he had melted using his sonic screwdriver. As he ran along the maze he knew he was only getting deeper into the pyramid. Several times mummies jumped at him but he only kept on going. As he reached the center of the pyramid there was a yellow glow. It was small but consistent and as he reached the source he realized the mummies purpose of driving everybody out. The mummies were assembling,  very clumsily a way to the next dimension a dimension which he knew would contain Cybermen. As he stood, Martha appeared, and he knew there were Zygons in the pyramid.   The fake Martha said “Doctor, I have been searching for you for ages!” The Doctor spoke very calmly “no you have been here for a very long time Martha is not here, Zygon.” As he said that there was an explosion and all of the mummies went towards the machine as they started to fix it, the Doctor made a break for it. This time he knew where he was going. He reached the exit of the pyramid but of course the mummies had blocked it.

The Doctor had a phone on him and so he made a call. Martha picked up and said in a very worried tone “Doctor, where are you?” The Doctor replied “I am at the front of the pyramid, I  need you to help me.” As he said this a small figure came running down a hill about ½ of a mile away. After that Martha hung up and the Doctor knew who was running down the hill. As Martha reached the gate she gasped, “How on any planet are we going to get you out?” The Doctor handed her a disk and said, “Put this in the TARDIS console it will come to me.”

Martha ran to the TARDIS and inserted the disc into the console. The TARDIS made its usual sound but it left Martha behind. As this happened, the Doctor waited not very patiently for the TARDIS, moments later it appeared. As he entered he realized that Martha was still where the TARDIS had disappeared. He teleported back to where Martha was when she had inserted the disk. As Martha entered she asked “What happened in there?” and the Doctor said “Why don’t I show you what happened?” and at that the Doctor started the TARDIS.

When the TARDIS reappeared and the Doctor stepped out he saw the most confusing thing, not a mummy in sight. But what he did see was a Zygon. Martha stepped out of the TARDIS and saw it and said in a rather worried tone “What is that?!” the Doctor replied “That, is a Zygon. Shape shifter from the planet Zygor.” When the Doctor turned back he saw 2 Marthas. The Doctor said “Martha, what did I say in the transmission to Sally Sparrow?” one Martha said “Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast, faster than you could believe, don’t turn your back, don’t look away, don’t blink.” The Doctor said “correct! word for word!” and the other Martha turned into a Zygon again.

The Doctor started towards the machine, but the Zygon blocked his path, so the doctor threw the sonic screw driver to Martha.  The Zygon didn’t notice this and continued to block the Doctor. Within seconds Martha and the screwdriver had ravaged the machine and there was a small explosion. This drew the Zygons attention, but it was already too late.  As the Zygon ran at Martha the Doctor yelled “Run for the TARDIS!!!” Martha evaded the charging Zygon and got to the TARDIS. Together they closed the door on the Zygon and locked it.

They teleported to the chamber were a day ago they had seen the pharaoh Khufu summoning mummies. When they emerged into the chamber the sarcophagus was shut. The Doctor used then sonic on the sarcophagus to lock it. After that the Doctor and Martha left he realized that the pharaoh would suffocate and all of the mummies would die. He said to Martha “Where to next?” and Martha replied “How about we check out the Byzantine Empire in 1400?” and the doctor agreed.

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